Project Description

‘Ersilia’ (2009) was a large scale model of Dublin’s North Strand installed in the sports hall (and sometimes exam hall) of Connolly House.

The North Strand area is dominated by urban and inter-urban transport routes. Train lines, DART lines, the canal and a busy traffic artery slice through this inner city community. Standing out on the roof terrace of Connolly House the lines and intersections of the city’s rail network bring to mind a model railway set. Walking along the area’s smaller residential streets the train lines create disjointed streets, isolated pedestrian pathways and a rhythm of often-derelict archway spaces underneath the railway tracks.

This floor based installation takes on the imaginary ‘bird’s eye view’ of the architectural proposal. A wooden scale model (1:100) distorts the logic of the transport network of the North Strand area with a childish whimsy. The simplified model takes on the material aesthetic of the 1960’s sports hall using timber and concrete and is reminiscent of a scalextric or train set. Coloured vinyl tape playfully interrupts the logic of the existing court markings of the sports hall.

Mixing the language of large-scale architectural models and children’s toys, this body of work skews the lines between an architectural proposal and a childish sense of magical reimagining.

With special thanks to Roisin Lonergan at the Five Lamps Arts Festival and Sinead Connolly at Dublin City Council Arts Office. Special Thanks also to Renate Henschke and Gearoid Muldowney for installation assistance.

Exhibited as part of the Five Lamps Arts Festival, Dublin in 2009.

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